European Scenes Decorative Bundle


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Explore your memories of European excursions with the European Scenes Decorative Bundle! These destination scrapbook papers and stickers include paper packs (6/pk) and stickers (1/pk) featuring icons and titles for Rome, Holland, Barcelona, Ireland and Paris. AND you'll get the BONUS Passport to Adventure Power Simple Pockets (3pk) that are perfect for keeping your papers safe when not in use! This bundle makes the perfect travel buddy for showcasing photos of world travels, trying new foods in far-off cafes, visits to iconic architecture and experiencing local life in other countries.

The European Scenes Decorative Bundle includes:

  • Rome Scenes Paper Pack (6/pk)
  • Holland Scenes Paper Pack (6/pk)
  • Barcelona Scenes Paper Pack (6/pk)
  • Ireland Scenes Paper Pack (6/pk)
  • Paris Scenes Paper Pack (6/pk)
  • Rome Scenes Stickers (1/pk)
  • Holland Scenes Stickers (1/pk)
  • Barcelona Scenes Stickers (1/pk)
  • Ireland Scenes Stickers (1/pk)
  • Paris Scenes Stickers (1/pk)
  • BONUS Passport to Adventure Power Simple Pockets (3pk)
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