Q. What is My Vault? 
A. My Credit Card Vault allows you to securely store cards for ease of checkout with PayPal, our payment processor. There is no company comparable to PayPal for consumer protection: PayPal provides secure payment processing globally to more than 26,000 companies like Creative Memories and holds itself to the highest standards of encryption and secure storage, in addition to the rigorous standards of PCI compliance. 

My Credit Card Vault is a page accessible from your CM account that provides you secure access to our partner PayPal’s secure storage. Your credit card information is not being stored on CM’s site; with any action on your My Credit Card Vault page, you are directly linked to PayPal. When adding a card to your Vault, PayPal encrypts the data so any future transaction (a product order or Advisor auto renewal) is a request to charge "$X" to the encrypted card. This service removes the risks of data transfer (entering credit card data which can be intercepted), allows you to make purchase(s) quickly and easily, and allows for seamless Advisor annual auto renewal.

Q. Where can I find my Vault? 
A. Your Vault is located in the right navigation on your My Account page.

Q. Why do I see $.01 charges from GMGroup on my bank statements? 
A. When you Vault a new card or edit an existing Vaulted card, CM is asking your bank to authorize the card. These $.01 transactions are credited quickly and eventually fall off your statement within 1-2 days. Debit card authorizations, depending on the bank, will either never show up on your statement or take a few more days to fall off.

Q. Why is CM even authorizing my card when I Vault it? 
A. By authorizing your card, we are confirming with your bank that the card details are valid so that when you chose this card for payment of future orders the card has already been validated thus minimizing issues at the time of purchase. Of course, if your card expires, has been compromised, or has reached its credit limit between the time you Vaulted the card and your purchase, you will receive payment processing errors when using the card during order check out.

Q. How many cards can I Vault? 
A. As many as you like. However, only 1 card can be used per order.

Q. Is CM storing our credit card information on their servers? 
A. No. Your Vault is hosted and protected by our partner, PayPal.

Q. I am attempting to Vault a card by I keep getting this error message: “Your card failed to authorize. Please check your card details were keyed correctly or attempt an alternative card”. What should I do? 
A. There are several reasons this could occur. You should check to ensure both your CVV code and expiration dates that you keyed are correct. If you are still getting the error, it could be that your card has been compromised, your bank has issued a new card, you are at your credit limit, etc. We suggest you call your bank in this situation until resolved or attempt an alternative card.

Q. Is my billing address validated during order check out? 
A. CM requires your billing address match your card account address. Therefore, if you get an error indicating AVS mismatch, please check to ensure you are entering the billing address correctly as it is on your Credit Card Account. 

Q. Why does the system log me out sooner than it used to? 
A. For security purposes, since we now Vault cards for you, if you are logged into your account without activity for 30 minutes, we will log you out automatically.